How to Handle An Angry Customer on the Phone?

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Every business receives customer complaints. Some of them may come through the phone. You cannot avoid handling these calls. You need to learn how to deal with them, and then educating your team with the knowledge and experience. Customers may be in an angry mood when they call, but they can still become your business’ […]

Keyword Research Tools: The Ultimate List for Small Business

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For marketers and small business owners, keyword research tools are very useful in discovering common search terms used by prospects and customers to search for products and services online. With the data and trends provided by these tools, small businesses can have a better idea on the demand of their products and services, which then […]

6 Useful LinkedIn Answers Alternatives

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LinkedIn Answers will be removed from, LinkedIn, the professional social networking platform on January 31, 2013 (source). This feature is not known to many and the reason for its removal may be due to lack of usage. For those of us who are actively using it, this move by LinkedIn is taking away one of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Answers

Linkedin Answers Suggest an Expert

Update: LinkedIn has decided to pull the plug on LinkedIn Answers. For the news and alternatives for LinkedIn Answers, click here. Linkedin Answers is a feature frequently cited by social media marketing experts and marketers as a source for B2B businesses to generate traffic, leads and sales. However, the layout of Linkedin Answers can be […]

7 Tips to Boost the Happiness Level of a Facebook Page

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Look at all the Facebook Pages with high engagement. What do all of them have in common? Most of the fans are happy. And that can be seen from the number of likes and the positiveness in the comments. Why does the Happiness Level of My Facebook Page Matters? Hop over to any Facebook Page […]

5 Email Marketing Elements to Test and Optimize Today


Although testing is one of the most effective ways to improve the results of your email campaign, 58% of businesses do not test their campaigns regularly. Testing elements of your email marketing campaign gives you insight into what your readers respond to so you can adapt your campaign for better results. Testing regularly is an […]