Sprouter Signals #2 Boost Facebook Page Engagement, Name Your Product Well and More

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5 Tips to Drive Engagement with Your Fans on Facebook: Building up the number of fans that are interested in what your Facebook Page has to offer is just the first step of marketing on Facebook. Once you have enough fans, you will need to start finding ways that will make the fans engage and interact with your page. This article from Jeff Bullas contains some good tips that you can start with.

101 Ways to Link Build in 2012: If you have been reading a lot about search engine optimization lately, you should know that Google continues to push Panda and Penguin updates into their algorithms and optimizing your website for Google is experiencing a somewhat major change too because of the updates. Read up this post by Sujan Patel to know which link building methods that still work in 2012.

The 6 Month Link Building Plan for an Established Website: If you have an in-house team or an agency working on search engine optimization for your website, good for you! Most business owners don’t enjoy that kind of luxury. If you have little time or cash to spare, then you can consider following this link building plan by James Agate. If the tasks explained in this plan is too much for you, feel free to extend the timeline but you definitely have to stick to the plan long enough to see results.

7 Hard Hitting Ways to Grow Your Youtube Audience: As a marketing platform, Youtube is a tough nut for small business owners and startup entrepreneurs to crack. Yes, we are also trying to crack it over here at Sprout Geek. This awesomely useful blog post by Neil Patel will give you some ideas and tactics on how you can start marketing your business on Youtube effectively.


8 Ways to Bore Your Prospect: Almost all sales meetings are boring. You know this if you have attended one yourself. The reasons why they are boring are well explained in this article by Kelley Robertson. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes when you become the one who is selling.

For Startups: How to Deal with Large Enterprise Customers: Selling to a large enterprise is completely different than selling to a consumer. How different? Just to give you an idea, your proposal may have to go through several departments and a trial or pilot of your product or service may be required. Para Chopra explained all of these and others in detail with this blog post written by him.

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How to Name a Product – Do This, Avoid That: According to this blog post by Joanna Wiebe, naming a product is hard and we agree. It might be a disaster if you only realize that you need a better name right before you launch or during a marketing campaign. Joanna, with this “must-bookmark” blog post of hers, walked us through the key questions that your team together with yourself have to answer and a checklist of what to do when it comes to naming your product.

Growth Hacking for Startups: We seldom browse for quality presentations on SlideShare but thanks to one of our readers, Richard Ng, we found this gem by Mattan Griffel. This slide described a number of case studies on how simple hacks to your product or business can reap returns that you never thought of. Embedded below, this slide also explained how you can start finding ways to hack your business or product to get more users, customers or clients.

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14 Tips to Help Startups Keep High Potential Talent Growing and Happy: Retaining top talents can be hard for small businesses and startups simply because they are highly sought after. In this blog post, young entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council share their tips on how they manage to retain the best employees in their ventures.


Why Slowing Down Makes You an Expert Faster: As a small business owner or entrepreneur, becoming the go-to expert in your field will bring you more referrals and sales. However, the journey to become an expert is not easy. In this blog post, Timo Kiander breaks down what is required to become an expert and the steps that you need to take in order to become one.

This Week on Sprout Geek

5 Tips on How to Handle an Angry Customer Over the Phone: This week, Gina Smith was kind enough to share with us on how should we handle an angry customer over the phone. Nobody wants to deal with an angry customer but as a small business owner, having a frustrated customer from time to time is inevitable. Read this and be prepared the next time when a fuming customer is on the line.

How Are You, Sprout Geeks?

What is the most important thing that you have learned this week about running your business? Do you have a link or article to share with us? Feel free to post it in the comments section below.

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