Sprouter Signals #3 Instagram Marketing, Startup Legal Tips, Millennials and More

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10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business: Instagram has become a powerful mobile photo sharing platform over the past few months. Small businesses should start figuring out ways to gain some visibility on this platform. If you are totally clueless about Instagram marketing, Vanessa Au actually has some great suggestions on how you can get started. In her article, she also highlighted some examples of how businesses are using this trending platform.

10 B2B Companies that Create Exceptional Content: B2B marketers of boring and dull businesses such as manufacturing and heavy duty engineering often ditch the idea of content marketing because coming up with interesting content can be hard. If you look at this from a different perspective, however, this is actually a great opportunity if you are able to crack this tough nut that your competitors are not even trying to crack! This article by Meghan Keaney Anderson will provide you with some ideas for B2B content marketing.

How to Effectively Create a Google+ Following of 10,000 Engaged Fans: Google+ is often left out by social media marketers because it is constantly being referred to as a ghost town. Is it really? In this article, Eric Siu will change your perspective about Google+ as a platform to build an engaged audience. Try the tactics that Eric shared and Google+ might turn out to be the best social networking platform for your business.

The 10 Secrets That Make Networking Easy, Fun and Ridiculously Effective: If you are like me, then you are always the awkward guy standing at the corner during a networking event or a meetup, pretending to be busy by constantly checking on your phone. Well, it’s time for a change and this article by Neil Patel is packed with tips that you can use right away.


9 Steps to Close Your Startup Sales Deal: Landing a big account is always the dream of many startups. However, this is not easy. Matthew Bellows is kind enough to share his tips on how to sell successfully to big companies with the little resources that you have. Personally, I think tip #5 is a gem that many entrepreneurs miss out when they try to get the attention of big companies or corporations.

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7 Ways Millennials are Changing the Workplace: Your business might not be ready for them but they are poised to make up a significant chunk of the workforce by 2014. How are millennials different from your current employees? How can you bring the best out of them? How can you create a workplace that is suitable for them? Well, Josh Tolan did a good job of explaining all these in this article.

14 Tips to Help Startups Keep High Potential Talent Growing and Happy: Tons of perks, above market rate remuneration and the long negotiation hours are some of the efforts you put in to persuade a bright talent to join your small business. What should you do to keep him motivated and happy? Dangling more perks in front of him? Well, according to this article compiled by the Young Entrepreneur Council, not necessarily.


7 Deadly Sins of Business Meetings: Business meetings are very common nowadays. Yes, it is true that meetings can be used to set action plans and help move the business forward. However, if set up wrongly, meetings can be counterproductive and even useless. Are you setting up meetings for the sake of having it? Are you committing these sins of business meetings outlined by Lisa Girard?


14 Legal Tips for Starting Up: Legal procedures and issues are often the last things that come to the mind of an entrepreneur. Ignorance, time restrictions, the lack of understanding and experience are the main reasons for this. The Young Entrepreneur Council is kind enough to compile a list of legal tips that every entrepreneur should pay attention to when starting up. Do take time to fill in the legal gaps that you might have missed after reading this article.

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