Sprouter Signals #4 Pivoting, Tumblr Marketing and Influencers

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7 Blogs Designed for Conversion and What You Can Learn From Them: The blog is often the hub for content marketing campaigns. With resources slowly shifting to content marketing, it is crucial to make sure that your blog is capable of converting visitors and readers into subscribers, leads or even customers. In this compilation post, Kristi Hines is kind enough to point out the conversion goals, areas of conversion and why the designs work for these 7 blogs.

How to Find Influential People with Social Media: 13.4% of U.S. adults online create 80% of the content that influences people. And 6.2% of these web users are responsible for 80% of the influence in social media. This shows how important influencers can be when it comes to marketing. Russ Henneberry did a great job explaining where to find the first set of influencers and how to keep up with their latest updates.

7 Targeted Social Networks Niche Marketers Should Try: This list of lesser known but highly targeted social networks is compiled by Rachel Sprung. They are not as popular as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest but if you are trying to find a community of men, senior citizens or mommy bloggers, then this list is going to be very useful for you.

8 Tips for Small Businesses Starting Out on Tumblr: Tumblr is commonly perceived as a content creation tool between a blog and Twitter. Currently, it is very popular among teens. If you are planning to engage the Tumblr community, this article by David Moth provides some useful tips and features that will help you to blend into the community easily and to get more exposure for your content.

10 Mission Critical Tools for Every Modern Marketer: As a marketer or an entrepreneur deeply involved in marketing, we always want better tools to help make our daily tasks simpler. Neil Patel compiled a list of useful tools to help achieve your marketing goals. Over at Sprout Geek, we are currently using IFTTT and Hootsuite at the moment and we are definitely going to incorporate the HelloBar in the near future.

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When Is It Time To Pivot? 8 Startups On How They Knew They Had To Change: As entrepreneurs, we all know we should push hard, persist and double down on the venture that we are working on. However, things don’t always go according to plan. When should we ask ourselves whether to continue pushing or to pivot to something new that has a better chance of becoming successful? This post, compiled by Scott Gerber, contains insights from 8 startups on when entrepreneurs should start considering whether to pivot or not.

10 Ways to Spend Your Funding: Confessions of an Ex-Lean Entrepreneur: We all know that you have to spend wisely when it comes to business. However, it can get confusing when every department starts to demand for more budget. How should you allocate your money, especially if you just got funded? This article by Shafqat Islam, the co-founder of NewsCred, lists 10 ways he spent the money that the startup raised from its A round.

Outsource for Productivity, Not Because of Laziness: Outsource is a word that will keep reappearing in your head after you are in business for a few months. Zachary Tong put up this interesting article on why you should outsource and the ultimate lesson is that you should not outsource because you are lazy. Certain things, even those that are boring, has to be done by yourself.

Human Resources

Employee #1 is the Toughest Hire: Do you have a number of employees working in your business? If yes, then do you agree with Elad Gill that the first employee is always the hardest to hire? This is a must read post especially for first time entrepreneurs looking to increase the headcount of their business. Elad does not only highlight the difficulties that you will face but also suggests ways to mitigate the problems.

Case Studies

How I’m Making Five-Figures A Month Off Bootstrapped Products: Despite all the investing activities that you read about on sites like Techcrunch, getting funded by an investor is still rare for most of the startups and small businesses out there. Over the past week, I’ve discovered this case study article by Brennan Dunn, on how his decision to venture into the info product scene has helped him to bring in money and customers for his startup, Planscope.

This Week on Sprout Geek

The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Answers: Linkedin Answers is frequently suggested to businesses or individuals looking to target B2B leads or sales. This guide introduces the basic and advanced features of the Q & A platform, and how you can use it to generate site traffic, leads, sales or even build new relationships with industry influencers.

How Are You, Sprout Geeks?

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